M10 Tools Chapter 11. AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS 11. AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS 2020 - Page 10

AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS TRUST THE QUALITY WITHIN AIR GREASE PUMP Stock No. Item 200-M10-16QB 200-M10-16QB9 AGP02 External Drum Size (mm) For Drum Size (ΓΈ) 335 x 430 270 - 300mm Spare Air Grease Gun Operating Capacity Unit Price (pc) 20kg For use with 20L Drums with 270-300mm diameter Weight: 17.5kg Packing volime: 405x405x870mm MANUAL ENGINE OIL EXTRACTOR Stock No. Item Capacity Ctn 013-500-01 MOE-01 6L 4 Unit Price (pc) Manual Vacuum pump for extracting engine oil. 213