Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 194

Michele Henderson M ichele was born into a musical family in a small village on the island of Dominica called Grand Bay. Her grand-father was a singer, playing several instruments and her father a singer/ songwriter. Singing enveloped her from birth. She too embraced singing while growing up - at school and at church and, at 9 years old, she enhanced her love for singing and music by writing songs. She studied music at the Kairi School of Music in Dominica, where she sang and played the classical flute. At 15 years old, Michele joined a band and started singing professionally. With a voice so powerful, yet so sultry, her singing captivates audiences world-wide. There is depth, emotion and passion in all of her renditions leaving listeners wanting yet another song. Being extremely versitile, Michele enjoys singing a variety of genres to the delight of her audience. She loves to sing Jazz for the vocal expression and intricate melodies, and Zouk, because it is the type of music that was frequently played in her village as a child. Zouk is a genre of music - usually sung in the Creole language - that developed primarily in the French Creole islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. It is heavily influenced by Kadanse - also Creole music - from her island of Dominica, which was very popular in the French islands during the 1970’s. Performing RnB and Reggae is an emotional conduit, transporting Michele back to her childhood. Her singer/songwriter father “consumed many different genres of music” at home, including Kadanse, sung in Creole, which is the language most people spoke in her village as a child. But that’s not all. Michele also loves to sing Soul and Rock - she just loves, loves, loves music, which is cle