Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine October 2021 | Page 139

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Gemma Raeburn-Baynes GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNI-TEA ! GemStar Scholarship Fund – Each Sip Supports !

" There is no greater good , than working for the betterment of someone else . . . No greater gift , than time freely spent in serving others . . . No greater kindness , than giving without the expectation of personal gain . "~ Sophia Bishop
Gem * s Tea is the new initiative of Gemma ’ s non-profit Organization “ Playmas Montreal Cultural Association ” to comfort the community during this trying time where “ we have lost so much , we have been ordered apart , lost our jobs , our families , friends and loved ones . However , the pandemic allowed us to be introspective and discover how to inspire and motivate others in their journey to success .”
GemStar Scholarship Fund : Supporting youth excellence , and helping them achieve their dreams through the power and pursuit of higher education .
The GemStar Scholarship Fund will enable disenfranchised youth in Canada where Gemma now reside , and on the Caribbean island of Grenada , ( where she was born and started her advocacy to help the less fortunate kids when she was only 9 years old ), to gain excellence in their educational success . “ Every sip you take of Gem * s Tea , you can take comfort in knowing that you are giving back to the community and assisting GemStar Scholarship Fund in order for youth to reach for the “ Gem * Star .” said Gemma .
Gem * s Tea is a way to dispense hope and comfort and encourage conversation about the refocussing / rebuilding / re-evaluating for the future . The delicious , organic teas are used for healing , comforting and getting together to make a better communi-Tea . And it ’ s all for ChariTea !
Thank you for using your purchasing power to make a positive difference . Purchase your teas on www . playmasmontreal . com and please support !