Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 467

GASPAREE CAVES The Gasparee Caves are located on an island off Trinidad’s Chaguaramas in the Northwest. A boat ride and a short hike is required to reach the caves but having reached them, visitors can descend into a limestone cavern which contains not only stalagmites and stalactites but also the Blue Grotto with its electric blue waters. It is said that pirates used to bury treasure in these caves so perhaps you may get lucky. Photo Credit: Shriram Rajagopalan PITCH LAKE Pitch Lake, like its name implies, is an asphalt lake, the largest of only 3 natural asphalt lakes in the world. It covers an area of about half a square kilometer. The asphalt that has been mined here since 1859 is said to be the best in the world and the natural springs that appear in the center of the lake during the rainy season are said to have special healing powers. Photo Credit: Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company Ltd. GALERA POINT Galera Point lies at the island’s most northeasterly point beyond the Toco Lighthouse and from the point you can see the two different colours of the water where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. It is from this point that it is said that Amerindians threw themselves into the sea rather than suffer under the Spanish rule. Photo Credit: Gavin