Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 319

Jerely shares his thoughts about Monsterrat . . . “Montserrat is full of beauty! Persons who come can expect 24/7 summer sun. There are a number of beaches you can visit to take a dip in the clean, clear water. I recommend our only white sand beach “Rendezvous Beach”, however you will have to either take a short 30 minute hike or hire a boat over from the sea port to access the area. While present you may take part in snorkeling, fishing and other water activities. A fair number of activities are better with a group, so I recommend talking to “Vita Wade” the owner of our local (everything to do with the sea) business “Aqua Montserrat”. There are also a number of restaurants to visit if you would like to dabble in our island cuisine; “Time Out”, “Nanny’s Cafe”, “Java Lava” and “Good Eats Restaurant” just to name a few. Persons may jump on a tour into the exclusion zone, the side of the island that was wiped out by the volcano. Witness first hand the immense destruction of an active volcano. Feel the emotion left behind by the persons who once lived in the now abandoned capital of Plymouth Montserrat. Two key times to visit the island are from the 14th of December to the 2nd of January for the Christmas Festival, and from the 10th-20th of March for the St. Patricks Festival. During those times, there’s truly too much to do and not enough time…”