Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 282

Finally, if you visit the home of Reggae, it is only fitting that you visit the home of the king of Reggae- Bob Marley, in the form of the Bob Marley Museum. When you go to Bob Marley’s former home in Kingston, you will get a feel of his life, from touring his home, from his bedroom to his recording studio. You will be transported into the life of the legend as you encounter pieces of his legacy, from viewing pieces of his concerts to looking at his awards from all over the world. You will even get an opportunity to eat as Bob did! The One Love Café will feed your taste buds and bring your visit full-circle. Bob Marley is an icon of Jamaica. A visit would be a great opportunity to enhance your appreciation of his music, as well as the culture he represented. “When visiting Jamaica, there are many attractions and places to keep in mind. Whatever your interests, there is something on the island that will connect with you.”