Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 244

The Summer Crew Carnival Experience Summer Crew’s Carnival Preparations Preparation for the next year's carnival often begins within the current year's festivities. Notes are made, lessons are learnt, new inspiration arises, and sometimes new partnerships are forged. We usually have a break right after carnival and then from October, preparations begin. Each year we have an official launch in Grenada. We usually base the date of our launch on the dates of the traditional carnival dates -that of Trinidad, Carriacou, Dominica, Brazil, etc. Launching soon after these carnivals is very important to us, in terms of our marketing strategies. It may seem 'early' on the local schedule, but we look beyond this. Facebook: SummerCrewGrenada Telephone: 1(473) 414-6083 We are a premium drinks inclusive party band. However, we are so much more. We honestly believe in family and friends. We believe if someone only had the opportunity to play with us once in their lifetime, they should walk away from that experience knowing they are our friends for life, in our hearts. We try to stay in touch with as many of our masqueraders as often as we can. Again, I must mention my wife Kim in this regard. When you’re in our Mas’ Camp and you listen to the way she interacts with the 700 hundred mas’ players, you would swear she knew them all her life simply by the way she remembers names, faces and everyone’s size. Even the people who come on-board for the first time seem to love the way our band seems to be one big family on the road. And, if I am granted one wish, it would be that we never ever lose that in our pursuit of success. Visit Grenada for Carnival SPICE