Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 183

Day 5: Day Trip Off-Island To be able to say you’ve visited the ABC islands, you must touch the “A” and “B”, Aruba and Bonaire. A short flight away, these smaller but equally idyllic corners of paradise tell a slightly different version of the Dutch Caribbean island story. My initial thought was that they were quieter and more laid-back than Curaçao, but with an abundance of eco-tours, water activities, historic sites, and cultural events, there’s no time to relax (unless you really want to!) Need ideas? Here are some off-the-beaten-path ones: gear up in a specially- designed helmet and stroll a walkway 20 feet below the water while rubbing noses with brilliantly coloured marine life in Aruba, or go snorkelling in combination fresh/salt water in the dark and deep of one of Bonaire’s 400 caves. #ExcuseToExtendTheDayTrip! So ended my Curaçao adventure, and my only regret was that my company couldn’t extend my stay. There was so much to do and still much more to discover! What started out as a unique step away from my usual (English-speaking) Caribbean foray transformed itself into a warm, smiling invitation to come back again! ok Jan K gos r a e min ds n pon tract fla emling t l a s at Du oric ncy a Hist N : t redi to C o h P