Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 104

Angela, the TV Personality I got into television by accident. I was script-writing for a cooking show called “Cooking With The Smoky Mermaid “ and had no intention of being its star, but the TV personalities froze up during the show and I had to get on camera to encourage them to say their lines and be easy on film. I was a natural at it so it blew up and became a house-hold favorite. From there the calls started and I ended up hosting the carnival broadcast for the next 4 years for Channel 7, hosted “Tek It or Leave It” (our version of Deal or no deal) on Channel 5, hosted TV events like the “Taste of Belize”, hosted “Mega Bingo”- a popular TV game show for Channel 5, also went on to host the music video show for BBN, brought back the cooking show for Channel 5, revamped to “Smokylicious” and finally was offered my own talk show on KREM television, which was called “OMG – OHHH MISS GEGG!! “This was my last TV show before I retired from the arts and a decade of television. About favourite books and travel The truth is, I don’t like to read that much, I get bored easily and not many books can keep my attention, so any books I read have to be real and about life. I prefer to travel and see the world rather than to read about it.... But if i were to choose, the books that I can say are my favorite and that impacted me are “The Celestene Prophecy”, a true story based in Peru. And “Many Lives Many Masters” which talks about our birth and rebirth and the energy sources that guide us. I had a fascination with energy and where humans came from, how many lives we have lived and where our true knowledge comes form. Now any books that I read are all positive and motivational ones. Many years ago I made a conscious effort to stay away from anything that could potentially negatively impact me , like books, movies and especially PEOPLE. Positive Vibes or none at all, that is my motto. What's ahead for Angela? I retired from public life just under 5 years ago, at the peak of my career I walked away and decided it was time for something else. I sold my house and went on holiday and accidentally ended up in the Middle East, where I fell in love with Dubai and learned how to love MYSELF again. I told my producers at KREM to put my show OMG on repeat, that I may or may not return. Five years later I’m still living in Dubai and building my Real Estate empire. For the past four years I have been the Head of Commercial for Dubai's premier brokerage, Edwards and Towers Real Estate and while living here obtained my Real Estate License in my first year. I have taken a hiatus from the arts and my focus is business and travel for now. I know deep down that I will go back to painting and writing one day, probably in another 5 years - one decade off, one decade on. The beauty of being an artist is that my talent is God given and will always be there and when it is ready to return to front stage it will. In the meantime, I have plenty of time to travel. I have a huge fascination with animals, so I visit places like Indonesia and Thailand to see the culture and experience the colors, sounds, and tastes of different places that keeps me alive. I believe that for the future of my art, my travel and experiences over the past years will massively influence my work. There is a big beautiful world out there and my mission is to see all of it.