Mélange Travel and Lifestyle Magazine February 2021 | Page 53

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Cultural performance in the karbay bread . You jump at the chance to help mix the cassava and water in a large black kettle and then later sift the dried fibers in a giant pan , but fatigue and tiny beads of forehead sweat stop you before long . You wonder how women did this so easily ( and regularly !) so long ago . Shaking your arms back to life as you walk along the breezy , shaded trail , you are relieved to know that in the next hut , you will simply watch as women deftly weave thin , reddishbrown strips of larouma reed ( sometimes dyed black ) into baskets , hats , mats , purses and other everyday items .
A few steps away , you notice a curious looking plant at the side of the trail . It looks like a prickly little wallet revealing red and white buds on the inside . Your guide explains that this would have been used to make dyes .
Another small yellow flower with dullish green leaves locally known as “ coupie ” was eaten and also used for back and digestive ailments . A slender , bright green leaf plant you see everywhere was used to lower blood pressure . Your guide explains that the Kalinago
Local Produce
lived in harmony with the surrounding nature , using its resources in medicine , food flavouring , and religious ceremonies .
The muted sound of men shouting causes you to turn your head where you observe