Mélange Accessibility for All Magazine October 2020 | Page 107

are also looking forward to continuing this work in other areas of the company ,” she said .
Easterseals also works with veterans to ensure their successful transition to civilian life through employment . Veterans are valuable workforce assets , delivering leadership skills , organizational expertise and an exceptional work ethic with a relentless pursuit of achieving goals , whether working independently or collaboratively in teams . So , it ’ s no surprise that employers frequently leverage Easterseals Military and Veterans Services to tap into this talent pool in their communities .
In many cases , the most valuable support that a veteran can receive is a job coach or mentor . Easterseals offers these services throughout the country by staff who are often veterans and military spouses . In many markets , Easterseals also matches candidates with employers seeking veterans as employees and leaders for their companies .
Older adults of 55 years or older can turn to Easterseals for training and employment opportunities through its Senior Community Employment Service Program ( SCESP ), the largest federally-funded program for older adults who seek employment and training assistance , as well as civic engagement . Through this transitional employment program , Easterseals partners with community-based non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide participants with training opportunities to update their skills . During their time in SCSEP , job seekers work with Easterseals staff to target and achieve personal employment goals .

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month is observed , corporations and individuals committed to advancing greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace – and in society in general – are encouraged to visit www . easterseals . com to learn how they can engage with Easterseals to accomplish these goals .

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