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On Windows , this is called Magnifier , and you can find it in Settings > Ease of Use > Magnifier
You can trigger it anytime by hitting the Windows key and plus (+) on your keyboard , then stop by hitting the Windows key and Escape .
On macOS , this feature is called Zoom , and you can find it in System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom .
You can enable a keyboard shortcut or even a scroll gesture for zooming , then use it whenever you want . Move your mouse to see different regions of the screen , then zoom back out when you ’ re done . I don ’ t use this feature every day , but it comes in handy when I do . Keep it in mind .

Reduce contrast and transparency for a vintage look and increased performance

Modern desktop operating systems don ’ t define edges with thick black lines . Instead , they use more aesthetically focused differentiators like drop shadows . It looks nice , but makes it hard for some people to tell where one window begins and another ends . All of that transparency also uses up system resources , which can be a drag on slower computers .
I had approached a few other organizations as part of my job search, but I could clearly sense hesitation in the minds of hiring managers when they were interacting with me. In India, there is usually a stigma associated with disability and very less awareness about how people with disabilities and also contribute in the workplace. nerves cannot communicate with the rest of her body and organs beyond the level of her shoulders. She cannot use or move around her feet so she is unable to walk. She has no trunk balance or back support that will allow her to turn around in bed or sit up by herself. She cannot use her fingers to lift things like a pen or a toothbrush, because she cannot control their movement. India Mrunmaiy Abroal Amazon’s Public Relations Lead for the Alexa and Echo Devices In June 2011, Mrunmaiy was traveling from Nagpur to Mumbai with her parents. Since this was going to be a long 840km drive, they started their journey around 6:30 am. Mrunmaiy and her Dad both loved to drive, but because it was her car, she opted to drive first. They stopped off to have breakfast at a roadside joint about 10:30 am. Breakfast consisted of tea and Dal Wada which is quite famous in that part of the state. They phoned her sister in Gandhinagar to update her about their travel and just to chat for a bit. It was a weekday and Mrunmaiy was still actually ‘on the job’, coordinating a social media contest on one of her company pages with a team member. She needed to use her laptop so her Dad, a veteran long-distance driver took over the after-breakfast driving. The To Table of Contents last memory she has of that day was checking her email on her laptop. This is the day she sustained a spinal cord injury in her neck, resulting in complete paralysis below her shoulders, also known as Quadriplegia/ or Tetraplegia. The day that changed her life forever. Her injury is at the C5 level, which means her brain and Mrunmaiy has no memory of the accident. She has recreated what happened based on what what her parents shared and the photographs of her crushed car. With her Dad at the wheel, she was in the passenger seat and her Mom sat behind her. A truck suddenly came out of nowhere and rammed into their car from her side. Everything stopped. At the time of impact, Mrunmaiy was wearing a seatbelt which restricted her body’s movements, but her neck sustained severe injury from the collision. Her Mom was also injured, with multiple fractures in her shoulder. months after her injury, she still had no knowledge of what had actually happened to her body. The doctors in Nagpur repeatedly told her to continue exercising and she will improve. Family members knew about it, however, but Her Dad, when recounting the no one told her the reality of incident remembers Mrunmaiy her situation. A doctor at the saying, after she was removed from Indian Injury Centre in Delhi the car, that she was not able to eventually explained it all in feel her hands and legs. He rented a very scientific manner and a car and took them to a nearby she immediately came to the hospital. After basic first aid, they realization that her situation were driven to the city of Nagpur was permanent. for her operation. Her accident With this shocking news came occured on 11 June, and surgery the immediate thoughts of took place on 13th June. For two “what will happen to all my To Table of Contents existing plans,” she said. “I had a team on site in Poland, I had visualized my life with the guy who I was with before my accident . . . My worries and concerns were immediate. I hated the fact that a hospital staff would give me a bath every morning. I didn’t like somebody touching me all over. That was possibly the biggest thing I had to adjust to. Personal care done by somebody else. Thankfully, there were many people like me going through the rehabilitation therapy at the same time. So I did not feel alone.”