Mélange Accessibility for All Magazine April 2022 | Page 95

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Optimizing your website for accessibility helps your business to :
• Increase market share by 25 %
• Boost SEO efforts and conversion rates
• Dramatically increase bookings
• Build a strong and inclusive brand
• Enhance customer loyalty
• Create a better user experience for all
Avoid Costly Accessibility Lawsuits
At the same time , many business owners still don ’ t fully understand the risks that come with a lack of accessibility . Web accessibility is no longer optional — and ignoring it is widely considered an irresponsible business decision as it opens up your organization to costly lawsuits and hefty penalties .
The Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) was enacted in 1990 with the aim to protect those with disabilities and ensure they can participate in all aspects of society . That ’ s why physical buildings are required to have wheelchair ramps , push-to-open door buttons and accessible restroom facilities .
Today the ADA extends to public-facing websites . As such , sites are required to be designed and coded according to official guidelines — otherwise your business is denying access to this massive segment of the population . Businesses who fail to comply are vulnurable to discrimination lawsuits , stiffy penalties and hefty legal fees .
Even more recently , the United States Department of Justice published its own guidance on web accessibility and its importance for businesses open to the public . This included how businesses can make their website accessible to people with disabilities and in line with the ADA ’ s requirement .
This is a trend that ’ s only exponentially
increasing as the world goes digital . The number of ADA-specific lawsuits has increased by 1,100 % since 2019 , including organizations like Domino ’ s Pizza , Netflix , Target , Nike and more . The consequences can be even more damaging for small businesses .
The good news ? These lawsuits are completely preventable when working with accredited technicians , like our team at Access Design Studio . It ’ s important to work with certified experts who understand official standards like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG ) and can implement long-term solutions to protect your business .
Is Your Business Accessible ?
Web accessibility should be a priority for hospitality businesses . Just as you would accommodate guests with physical disabilities when they enter your establishment , it ’ s also important to care for their online needs . At the end of the day , it ’ s about delighting your guests and delivering an excellent customer experience .
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