Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 419

The group began in the early eighties when a group of teachers attended a Quadrille Dance at the Castries Parish Centre where most of the attendees were the older folk from out- districts of Saint Lucia. The activity sensitized them to the need for learning the dances which was facilitated by the late Mrs. Rumelia Elwin, a former member of the group. As a result, this led to the formation of the group, Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie, which was launched on February 17, 1984. Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie is a folk group which strives to achieve its main objective: “to promote and preserve the traditional dances of St. Lucia” through various activities which they organize. These include workshops for the public, Primary and Secondary school festivals and Folk Dance Competitions, performances in and out of St. Lucia, affiliations with other folk groups and very recently, the publication of its first booklet ‘The Folk Dances and National Costumes of St. Lucia’. The next big project for the group is the production of an instructional video to compliment the booklet. The group does not limit itself only to dancing, as they have recognized St. Lucians who have made valuable contributions towards the Saint Lucian culture: Sessenne Descartes and Rameau Poleon. The late Frank Norville was installed as the group’s Patron on February 17, 2011. In Saint Lucia this dance group performs at a number of Hotels, shows and private functions. At present they are engaged on a regular basis at Bel Jou Hotel, Rendezvous Hotel and Rex St. Lucia Resorts and from time to time at Coconut Bay Hotel in Vieux Fort. The group first traveled to St. Croix in 1989 and have been touring ever since. Some of their major performances and workshops away from home have been in the following countries: St. Croix – 1989 Tobago Heritage Festival – 2006 Toronto, Canada - Function organized by West Indians in Canada – 1994 Martinique - Francois and Ste. Anne - 2001 & 2009 Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie strives to achieve their goals which is governed by their motto “Cultural Preservation Through Pride and Involvement”. Contact Information Olimtheia Constantin, Manager (758) 452-5902 Mobile: (758) 715-2744 / E-Mail: [email protected] Sylvester Dickson, Past Manager (758) 453-5301 Mobile: (758) 485-1516 / E-Mail: [email protected] Christine Belrose, Secretary (758) 458-2460 Mobile: (758) 717-7123 / E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Juliana Cadette, Dance Coordinator Ph: (758) 451-7527 Mobile: (758) 460-8874 / E-Mail: [email protected] / Email Address: [email protected] Facebook Les Danseurs Quadrille www.lesdanseurs.wix.com/lesdanseurs