Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 311

Montserrat Volcano Observatory The Montserrat Volcano Observatory was established in 1995 after the last major eruption and is today tasked with earthquake monitoring and monitoring of any deformation such as the size of growing lava domes. As well as monitoring these activities the observatory is also tasked with briefing the government, several times a week, on the volcano’s safety and also prepares a daily update for the local radio station. © Montserrat Volcano Observatory Plymouth Although Plymouth, prior to 1995, was the island’s capital, today it more resembles the ancient Greek city of Pompeii as it was totally destroyed by the eruption. Visitors today can see the roofs of abandoned cars and houses. This once thriving capital has now been reduced to a ghost town, void of even any animals or birdlife but reminders of its once joyous past can be witnessed by the remains of aging clothes and toys and in businesses old type writers, books and stationery. Jack Boy Hill Jack Boy Hill is a popular attraction as it offers great views of the volcano and, with the help of the telescope located there, visitors can also view the sea and the old abandoned airport below. Although located in perhaps the island’s harshest landscape, a small park strewn with bougainvillea makes an ideal spot for a picnic. Photo Credit: Tripadvisor Traveller