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and recaptured the island .
In 1700 , Grenada had a population of 257 whites , 53 coloureds and 525 slaves . Between 1705 and 1710 the French built Fort Royal at St . George ’ s which is now known as Fort George . In 1738 the first hospital was built .
On March 4th 1762 Grenada was captured by the British under Commodore Swanton . In the treaty of Paris on February 10th 1763 , Grenada was given to Britain . Under British rule we had three slave uprisings in 1767 , 1771 and again in 1775 when the town of St . George was burnt to the ground .
In July 1779 , France stormed Hospital Hill and recaptured Grenada . They also defeated a British relief force during the naval battle that month .
September 3rd , 1783 , Grenada was restored to Britain with the treaty of Versailles and the following year the first newspaper the “ Grenada Chronicle ” began publishing .
In March 1795 , Fedon started a rebellion against the British with night-time coordinated attacks on the villages of Grenville and Gouyave . Julien Fedon an estate owner of mixed race from Belvedere St . John ’ s stated that he “ intended to make Grenada a black republic just like Haiti ”. Fedon and his men controlled most of Grenada with the exception of the parish of St . George ’ s .
In March 1795 and June 1796 , 14,000 of Grenada ’ s 28,000 slaves joined the revolution forces in order to write their own emancipation and transform themselves into citizens . 7000 of these self liberated slaves would perish in the name of freedom . The British defeated Fedon ’ s forces in late 1796 but Fedon was never captured and his fate remains unknown .
On February 7th , 1974 Grenada gained its independence from Britain . Our first prime minister was Sir Eric M . Gairy .
Movement led a revolution , overthrowing the Prime Minister Eric M Gairy .
In October 1983 , the revolution came to an abrupt end with the assassination of Maurice Bishop by a rogue faction of his New Jewel Movement . The United States assisted in restoring law and order . Elections were held and Grenada returned to democratic rule with Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite at the helm . Our current Prime Minister is Dr . Keith Mitchell .
Grenada has had a tumultuous history but we have also had many reasons to celebrate :
>> In 1970 , our Jennifer Hosten was crowned Miss World .
>> In 2012 , our Kirani James became the Olympic 400 metre champion and he continues his winning streak . We are the smallest island nation to ever win gold at the Olympics . Per capita , Grenada now leads the score for gold medals .
>> In March 2005 , Lance Sergeant Johnston Beharry received the Victoria Cross for bravery with the British and Commonwealth forces for saving his platoon on two occasions .
Grenada the island of spice , unspoilt gem of the Caribbean . Consisting of three islands Grenada , Carriacou and Petit Martinique , with an approximate population of 110,000 people and a size of 133 sq miles .
In March 1979 , reminiscent of Julien Fedon ’ s rebellion , Maurice Bishop and his New Jewel

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