Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 149

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Queen Elizabeth opened this park in 1994. This beautiful setting houses the island’s Blue Iguana Recovery Program, where the endangered iguanas are bred with a view to re-populating the island. You will see them nonchalantly sauntering around the park. The garden itself is beautiful and fun to explore. There’s the Woodland Trail, Colour Garden, The Lake, Orchids, Butterflies and more. Stop by their gift shop for a souvenir or a book. Photo Credit: Curtis & Renee Cayman Turtle Farm This is a conservation facility where the island’s endangered green sea turtle are raised. There’s a lot to learn about the life of turtles on the farm’s interactive tours. You can hold the baby turtles, get into the tank with them or swim with them. The turtle farm isn’t only about turtles though. Kids will certainly enjoy the water slide, the resident crocodile which is quite entertaining and for the bird lovers, there’s an aviary. www.turtle.ky Camana Bay The best shopping and gastronomic pleasures take place at Camana Bay. Located close to the famous Seven Mile Beach, it is usually a hub of activity with community events, artisan market, must- do Flavour Tour, exciting blend of shops offering both local and international labels, courtyards, fountains, lush gardens, the list goes on. . . A nice place to visit, day or night. Photo Credit: KatieThebeau