Mélange Accessibility for All Magazine October 2021 | Page 14

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Meet Meegan Winters Founder of Able Eyes

" My story starts back in high school when I volunteered at an MDA Summer Camp . At this camp , I spent a full week assigned to a “ camper ” with Muscular Dystrophy caring for and creating memories in a safe space with all of the accommodations necessary to swim , eat , dance ( prom ), and participate in activities that campers may not otherwise be included in due to physical needs . The camper I was assigned to was Jessica , who ended up becoming a lifelong best friend . This experience was the moment I realized my purpose on this earth was to help people with varying abilities have the same experiences as their peers .
Jessica and I remained friends through the remainder of high school and into college where we lived together . Supporting someone in an all-accessible camp was one thing , but living day in and day out in a world that isn ’ t fully accessible is another .
People were kind , and always willing to help but we certainly had our struggles . . . especially in public restrooms that may not have been big enough for her , her chair ,