Mélange Accessibility for All Magazine April 2021 - Page 56

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I spoke with Collette Divitto , owner of Collettey ’ s Cookies , and her mother , Rosemary , recently for a candid discussion about Collette , her bakery , and the relationship between them as business-owner and manager / advisor . It was an interesting , inspiring and even fun conversation . The pair frequently answered each other ’ s questions , teased each other , and always kept it real . I knew their relationship was good and it was close , even though Collette has “ fired ” her mother not once , but six times ! They laughed about that one .
Of course , no interview would be complete without sampling the actual product . So I went online to Colletteys . com and easily placed my order , two dozen chocolate chip cookies – without cinnamon . ( More on that later .)
A couple of days later , a well-packaged , beautifully-adorned bounty of cookies arrived via UPS ( free shipping by the way ). I had a great dinner that night but the cookies were calling me . After dinner , I treated myself to two of the most delicious , fresh , chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted . A few days later , one dozen is gone ( yes , I did share with someone ) and one dozen is left . Oh , and they can be frozen if you can ’ t finish all of them . But why wouldn ’ t you finish all of them ? Honestly , once you have eaten these cookies there are no excuses for “ leftovers ”.
Fred J . Maahs , Jr .