Luxury Hoteliers Magazine 3rd Quarter 2019 | Page 28

R E V I E W Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set $300 Available for consumer purchase at (wholesale inquiries welcome Contact [email protected]) As sleep and wellness continue to be top of mind for consumers, hoteliers around the world are looking for new and innovative ways to deliver an elevated experience. Enter Nollapelli - their patent-pending bed linens are uniquely engineered to help guests sleep better and wake looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. Tired of waking up with skin and hair that looked “slept on,” founder and CEO Allison Howard took her background in chemical engineering and invented a new fabric for both the consumer and high end hospitality markets that has all the desired attributes of bedding and then some. “For generations we’ve been sleeping on the same sheets, and we’ve been neglecting the impact they have on our overall wellness,” says founder and CEO Allison Howard. During sleep your body releases moisture, which cotton absorbs and holds onto, creating friction that negatively impacts your skin, hair and sleep. Nollapelli’s patent-pending fabrics were created by merging the best in simple skin science and the latest in textile technology. The result is a fabric that perfectly balances moisture, temperature and friction for the ultimate in luxury, comfort and healthier sleep. In addition, Nollapelli linens are more durable, more breatheable, dry faster and wrinkle less than 100% cotton, plus they are extremely easy to launder. 28 ILHA When using their Signature Sheet Set, I noticed less tossing and turning usually associated with sleeping discomfort. They were light and cool to the touch while still being warm and cozy, with excellent temperature-control and breathability. We all know that relaxing in a comfy hotel bed can be a luxury in itself. So how does the luxury hospitality industry take that feeling to the next level? With their unique focus on skin and sleep. Nollapelli is an excellent choice for the wellness-focused luxury market. Nollapelli linens are currently available for guest room use, spa use and retail. As luxury is continuously looking for ways to elevate the guest experience Nollapelli can help to provide a next- level sleeping experience by fusing comfort and wellness, then enable your guest to take the experience home by purchasing a set of sheets.