Luxury Hoteliers Magazine 1st Quarter 2019 - Page 74

THE RELEVANCE OF PERSONALISATION FOR RETENTION IN THE DIGITAL AGE By Susannah Makram A REVIEW OF IN HOUSE/LOCAL AMENITIES AND MAKING THE RIGHT RECOMMENDATIONS TO CLIENTS NEEDS Impeccable, efficient and considerate check-in and check out, as well as certain amenities and 24-hour room service are all part and parcel of the luxury hotel experience. These things do not make the experience luxurious and nor do they ensure a lover of the brand, a habitual guest, a traditional staple family, or even a shareholder, will frequent the hotel and its establishment on a global scale. It’s not about being a home from home either. We have a wealth of new personalised apartments in some top locations for proximity to the high-end boutiques and department stores, fine dining restaurants and airports, the key word here is “personalised”. That is your competitor. If you don’t know your guest, your guest will wander into Harrods, hug the same personal stylist who sold them the best signature perfume/sneaker/iphone case and you will never see them again after they check out. 74 ILHA