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We continue to commemorate SJI ’ s 160th Anniversary with this last issue for 2012 . For the cover , we chose to use a photo of old friends , our alumni , taken during the 160th dinner celebration themed : ' Boys ! Welcome Home to our 160th Dinner .' SJI is not about mere buildings and programmes but about the boy who is ‘ once a Josephian always a Josephian ’ - that is the very heart of Lasallian education in SJI . Thus it doesn ’ t matter if the Josephian is all but 63 , 90 or 16 years of age ; what is important is each Josephian continues to live up to the ethos of the school and be man of integrity and also for others .

Hence in this issue you will catch glimpses of the 160th Dinner where both the young and old gathered to pay tribute to their alma mater and renew ties . Josephians past and present are
also featured : Mr Danny Yong , highly regarded as a ‘ leading macro thinker and star trader ’ reveals what it is to be a man driven by passion and having the propensity to return to society , both Member of Parliament Mr Edwin Tong and Nominated Member of Parliament Mr Nicholas Fang share with us the concerns that hold a special place in their hearts and the changes they hope to see . From the religious perspective ,
Friar John-Paul Tan tells us what it means to devote his life to God from a young age while athlete extraordinaire , Raymond Scott Lee provides us with an insight into the life of a sportsman .
We have also captured the experiences of Secondary Ones namely that of Class 112 as they journey together during this academic year and included reflections from staff Anne Loh and Josephine Wee , and student Kennard Chin on various issues .
We hope you would have noticed a greater involvement of students in this issue especially in writing the articles . That is the direction LUMEN hopes to proceed where gradually LUMEN will be a predominantly student-run project with minimal supervision from the staff . Ora et Labora !