Lucky Puppy Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 13

Clockwise from top: Cynthia Nemechek/AyChihuahua; His Galdamez/AyChihuahua live well. fashionista Winter Wonderland Pet fashion glistens like fresh snow this holiday season. T by Laurren Darr his winter, your dog will be the dashing life of the party, happily prancing to the next bash. Think soft colors with a little bit of dazzle, like creamy snow in the moonlight. Jennifer Bartok-Taylor of Celebrity Catwalk predicted, “Trends for the winter continue to be bling, lots of embellishments, and the use of ‘non traditional’ winter colors.” If there’s one designer who expresses this spirit of the season, it’s Darlene Hachey of Princess Lilly and Co., whose design of ribbons, lace, bling, and flowers won Grand Designer Gown at the G Girl Cotillion this year. However, not all pups can pull this off and might want something a tad more understated like designer Cynthia Nemechek of AyChihuahua’s vintage fur coat and hat with a slightly oversized brooch reminiscent of the days of Jackie O. If more traditional holiday colors are what you’re after, Nemechek also has ensembles of red and green with ruffles and flair resembling outfits of a certain rock star who would party like it was 1999. Other designers like Juanita Esparza of Boshoun focus on cultural traditions with vibrant colors and patterns. She has stunning pieces that embody Guatemalan traditional wear for the holidays. With all of the festivities on your calendar, going from one place to another is seemless if you plan your outfit changes ahead of time. Roxie by the Baie designer Pascaline specializes in going from casual to formal with comfort and ease. Not only does she design dresses where the lavish skirts can attach and detach, she has dapper designs for the gentlemen that will get all the sniffs at holiday parties. Spruce your pooch up in a gray-tone coat with a small bow tie or casual oxford, whichever the occasion calls for. Speaking of social affairs, you’ll need a proper centerpiece when hosting. If you’re looking for a pet-themed piece with amazing wow factor, you’ll it find from Table Art & Event Designs by Felicia Greenberg. Her lifelike centerpieces are sought after for the most high-caliber events of the season. Laurren Darr is the founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, son, and stylish Pug, Bella. Live Well. Do Good. Be Great. 11FashionistaJB-MLK.indd 11 11 9/15/16 8:35 AM