LTC Annual Reports - June 2012 - Page 5

2011-2012 –LTC implemented several programs to expand services including, Level II Housing services, our women’s wellness program, 12 step spirituality hour, and clinical services. 2012- Developed LTC’s job readiness program and completed LTC’s Training Restoration Center’s business plan. 2012- State certified as a III.I Halfway House Founders Award2012—Positive People’s Award Special Thanks to Light of Truth Supporters Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To our volunteers, board of directors, past and present. Thank you to our dedicated volunteer staff and office helpers. A big thank you to our volunteer residential mangers. The Light of Truth Center is a volunteer managed, volunteer operated organization. It is almost mind boggling how an organization can grow from a recovery house to an agency that manages and maintains three buildings and five programs and a handful of volunteers. Mind boggling – but not impossible. How was it done? Through immense dedication, commitment, and faith! We have never known a more dedicated and committed group of students, men, and women of the Light of Truth Center.