LTC Annual Reports - June 2012 - Page 11

Board President, Ginny Robertson and husband, Don Volunteer Workshop Facilitators Lavonne Sumler, Tracy Houchins Community Event— A Day of Beauty Women of LTC & Friends Yearly, The Light of Truth Center holds a luncheon for women new in the recovery process and women who have long-term recovery. It is helpful for newcomers to have some time to aspire to. For the first time, an alumnus planned and executed in getting all the workshop facilitators and the main speaker for the event. Kudos to Kim F. for stepping up to the plate. Kudos to Kim for her continued outstanding service. Volunteer Office Assistant & Client Pami Griffith Kudos to Kim for nine years of staying the course. Kim is a regular workshop speaker at our yearly event and continues to give back to LTC by encouraging women new in recovery and by sharing her story of triumphant. Her success is our success! The Light of Truth Center Building Lives from the Inside-Out Christmas Holiday—2013— Women of LTC & Volunteers