LTC Annual Reports - June 2012 - Page 10

Women of the Light of Truth Center The Light of Truth Center started out with a single desire - to provide safe, clean affordable housing. Through a profound and personal experience the vision for LTC was born. The need for services, especially housing for women, has been growing as drugs and alcohol use grab our neighborhoods and communities. Alcoholism and addiction is a national health care issue. Treatment, education, housing, and support services are paramount. The nation’s challenge with addiction crosses multiple supportive services. The women of The Light of Truth Center have faced challenges of adequate treatment, housing, employment, family and the lack of thereof, and the stigma of addiction. There are few diseases that carry the stigma and judgment like that of addiction. It is challenging for communities and families to recognize the difference between addictive behavior and the dis-ease of addiction. As an organization, we know there is a difference. Education is the key in helping people to understand what their loved ones are growing through. LTC is so grateful and humble as we witness the growth and healing of the women we serve. Often the women who have completed the program come back, time and time again, to tell their story and serve in many different ways. Donna Palmer, Kim Farabee, and Rosalind Crocker are three such women. Donna Palmer served as a Residential Manger during her initial stay with the Light of Truth Center. During her growing period with us, she also served on the Light of Truth Center’s Board of Directors. After getting her own apartment, starting a business, and finally working in the field of addiction, Ms. Palmer still serves intermittently as a Residential Manger. In times of great need, Ms. Palmer steps right in and provide a helping hand. She continues to give back to The Light of Truth Center. As she says herself – she does this because “LTC saw something in her when she couldn’t see it for herself. She will always be grateful for the love and service that she received within our doors.”