L.R.C. December 2018 - Page 13


an online subscription is paid for and is free to use for staff and students. enquire at the lrc for login details.

Here are some of the advantages to using our online subscriptions.

The content is regularly updated. It is particularly good for backing up your argument with the use of statistics and current research.

All the content is reliable and well researched. No fake news!

The content can be accessed by lots of people at any one time from any location - no need for a book to become available in order to borrow it.

Additional information is available online in ebook form and online articles. Useful for class research using technology and research in the book collections.

For login details, contact Amanda and Claire.

Issues publish a wide range of books (available in the LRC) on social and mental wellbeing issues aimed at the 14-19 age group that are regularly updated.


THE LRC HAs a variety of formats to cover your research needs

subscriptions available in book form and information available online