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Written by : Mikala Plotz I n his i n h s n is ss ns s n ng h igh n is i s n s h i ing hi h h ni is s s i h i i n s n s this is an important factor, but the head unit won’ t work the way you want it to unless you i i i h h igh ns s use this comparison You wouldn’t pair your nice, new 40-inch flat screen TV with an old pair of “bunny-ear” antennas, so why would you do something similar to your Lowrance head unit? “” Choosing the right transducer is just as important, if not more important, than choosing the right head unit. The transducer is the component that initially sends out sonar signals into the water and receives the response signals – this is then translated into an electrical signal and displayed on the sonar screen of your fishfinder. h i h h g transducer. s n h fishfin i is n s ss h h ing n h ni is s i n ni s h varying levels of power outputs, and this means 06 that some head units are more capable of reading stronger transducers than others. M ost of the high- end units also have improved processors, which means that they have the i i h n h s “” So when choosing the right marine electronics system – you need to make sure that you select the right head unit AND the right transducer model. s h i transducers h si si n h n h sings n i n i g ss s s i g ss Steel or Alloy H ulls), or Stainless steel (Steel, Alloy H ulls). n n i h h ns h n fi s i fi The core component of transducers are the piez o- electric elements - these are typically made of a special ceramic material. The number n s n s n h n n i hs i n s means more signals being sent into the water, hi h ns in n is n n received, and this results in more detail being shown on your screen. lowrance south africa 21 22