LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 6 - Page 25

his year s fishing was the best ever apart from 13 when more boats took part with boats and 13 etski anglers weighing in fish of 3 kgs. uite a result, considering the cyclonic conditions which upset the sea and wiped out the last day s fishing in this popular Species competition. It was a ba le from the start, with a Sailfish being hooked by the Bartho brothers on one ishing, within two minutes of the launch - the first of si to be released on Day 1, along with two Marlin. ell-known singer/actor Bok van Blerk, led the day with his .1kg iant revally the third biggest fish caught overall during the competition. eam-mate Piet Vil oen s 33.6kg caught on Day , proved to be the biggest fish of the competition, securing overall victory for eam Cabrito and the big prize - a Seacat 3 skiboat on trailer, from our dealer Durban amaha, fi ed with two HP -stroke motors. uentin Clark reports that of the total caught this year, five Marlin and seven Sailfish were released and 1 species were weighed or released. hese included 1 1 Cuta, 13 ellowfin una, 3kg Amber ack, three iant revally, two Bonefish and for the first time in the -year history of the competition - a .1kg Dog ooth una! In accordance with a new ruling - all fish between - kg were donated to the locals. “ he etski anglers weighed in 1 fish of kg and 1 species were caught with two Marlin and two Sailfish being released. ” Everyone en oyed the festivities each evening particularly the ug-of- ar competition which tested the anglers skill, strength and staying power using 13 lb stand-up tackle with Black Magic harnesses, along with much liquid refreshment! lowrance south africa 21 25