LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 6 - Page 22

This month we highlight Supreme Leisure & Boating in Port Alfred – 90 Albany Street. (046) 624 4826. This Suzuki dealership is strong on the technical side, doing installations, services and repairs on both boats and engines. They also operate as a service centre for other brands having diagnostic systems for virtually all engine manufacturers. While they do not build boats, they have good relationships with many boat builders in the area – and they sell boats for them. They also sell Fluid Kayaks, and they have a jetski agency. Owner Ryan Reynolds and Gerrit Cloete (an experienced outboard technician) started the business in 2010. Ryan runs the sales and finance side while Gerrit controls the workshop. The company comprises two shops – each boasting a Lowrance display stand. These feature the most popular units in the area – the Hook 3X and Hook 4 units, as well as their best sellers in the Elite Range and others. Their second shop is a small retail shop near the water at the harbour. There you’ll find boating accessories, safety gear, water-toys, bait and virtually anything else a boater needs. Supreme Leisure & Boating’s services stretch far and wide and include areas like Kenton, Kleinemonde, Bushmans and others. When you’re next in the area – pop in for a visit. Their big boat warehouse is easy to find on Albany Street - the main road which runs through Port Alfred en-route to Port Elizabeth. The company sells new and pre-owned watercraft including riverboats, runabouts, some skiboats and jetskis. 22 lowrance south africa 21 22