LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 6 - Page 17

. The I n- Line Switch the NO C QU A Pro Power K it. Designed to preserve capacity or simply cut power without needing to e loaned a Nocq ua kit to one of our brand ambassadors: R oscoe R autenbach. R oscoe is a keen kayak angler, and he had this to say generally around the 7 .5 ah mark. The Nocq ua is than half the siz e too. W eight and siz e is hugely important when it comes to kayak eq uipment. Y ou want to pack the best eq uipment possible that amount of space. fishing s ssi ns ensuring that the screen brightness of the unit was at its max imum for the full 1 0 hrs. The H ook 4 is - Connector packs a huge punch in performance. and 2 4 ” . Linking up a Y connector and Pro Power adventure powered through the days and nights. in SA. today acebook page where we will announce the arrival . O ut of power and without an outlet? No do you want to know where you can purchase on worries! Y ou will never need an outlet if you’ re one? Please feel free to phone our head i ssist you. Solar Ready . G oing the grid has never been 0 3 1 3 6 8 6 6 4 9 and our sales sta easier. The Solar R eady Adapter seamlessly integrates with solar panels to charge NO C QU A at a campsite. lowrance south africa 21 17