LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 6 - Page 16

The 10Ah Pro Power Kit comes packaged with the following: 1 . 12v Battery 2. 110v charger 3. 220-volt adapter plug (2 prong) 4. Power cable 5. 6” heat shrink tubing 6. And Marine grade butt connectors. been an on- water power source this reliable and safe. e always recommend that you power your Lowrance unit with an independent power source one that allows for “ good, clean power.” This will ensure the prolonged lifespan of your electronics. independent power source. it' s full. This feature also comes in handy when charging other devices (with the U SB connector). Lowrance fishfin er/ G PS, but it can also be used to power all electronics devices you may have on- board (e.g. cell phone, camera etc.). accessories and adapters that were developed to This whole kit only weighs 6 3 5 grams (less than a kg! ). I t is compact, lightweight and durable. Perfect for all you kayak anglers out there. . U SB adapter that easily connects to the cameras, and other U SB powered devices. The cap is included to protect the U SB port while not in Lowrance unit for up to 1 0 hours! W e have even use. seen it power a H ook 4 unit W I TH a live bait pump NO C QU A. 16 lowrance south africa 21 22