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the importance of intimacy the sleep experts When it comes to the UK population, the importance of physical intimacy in modern relationships is pretty clear Introducing a new category in the language of sleep of endless digital connectivity, it’s no surprise that many are seeing intimacy take a back seat in the bedroom. We wanted to understand the impact this was having on our sex, relationships and health and worked with CORST accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist, Kate Moyle, to achieve this – and to deliver a product that really works. BETWEEN WORKING At This Works, understanding circadian rhythm and how it affects skin health has driven our passion to educate consumers about the importance of a good night’s sleep. As a result, we have established ourselves as the market leaders and experts in sleep and wellness beauty. “ For our latest innovation, we wanted MORE HOURS THAN to use our pioneering approach to EVER BEFORE AND product development: a combination LIVING IN AN AGE OF ENDLESS DIGITAL of research, the art of aromatherapy CONNECTIVITY, IT’S and the science of brain imaging and NO SURPRISE THAT EEG studies (run in collaboration with MANY ARE SEEING INTIMACY TAKE A leading neuroscientist, Professor Gaby BACK SEAT IN THE Badre), to provide us with invaluable BEDROOM insights that enable us to target modern lifestyle and health concerns. This time, that has meant defining, conducting research and providing targeted solutions for a new sector of wellness: sex and intimacy. Between working more hours than ever before and living in an age In November 2019, we asked 1,000 UK adults in a relationship some very probing questions to better understand the importance we place on intimacy in our relationships and to help identify some of the most common daily barriers we face in achieving our intimacy goals. Scientific rigour is applied to everything we do to ensure that This Works is more than just our name – it’s our promise, and Love Sleep is no different. P “ Anna ersaud DR ANNA PERSAUD CEO AT THIS WORKS Unless otherwise stated all research referenced was carried out between 22/11/19 and 24/11/19 by ON AIR GLOBAL on behalf of This Works. The research sample comprised of 1,000 UK Adults in a relationship. The study adhered to the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct. In an age where we are constantly ‘on’, even the most ardent wellness enthusiast can struggle to switch off, unplug from the day and prioritise time with the ones they love. And, as experts in sleep and wellness, we’ve recently begun to suspect our bedrooms are seeing more screen time than sex – and set out to see if our suspicions were correct. PHYSICAL INTIMACY IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF A SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP 82% AGREED The results showed 82% of us agree that physical intimacy is an essential part of a successful relationship, yet over half (56%) crave more of it with their partner. For some, it’s so essential that it is considered a ‘deal-breaker’. Over a quarter (27%) of us have ended – or would consider ending – a relationship where physical intimacy is lacking; which rises to nearly half (49%) of those under 25. Clearly there is appetite for more intimacy in our relationships, but exactly how much of an ‘intimacy deficit’ is there in the UK?