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The article further states , “ The evidence indicates that health care professionals exhibit the same levels of implicit bias as the wider population . The interactions between multiple patient characteristics and between health care professional and patient characteristics reveal the complexity of the phenomenon of implicit bias and its influence on patient-clinician interaction . The most convincing studies from our review are those that combine the IAT and a method measuring the quality of treatment in the actual world . Correlational evidence indicates that biases are likely to influence diagnosis and treatment decisions and levels of care in some circumstances and need to be further investigated .” 1
Recognizing my implicit bias while leading as GLMS President and growing as a leader through these development programs is making me more present and aware , increasing my compassion and empathy , connecting me on a deeper level with my patients , and ultimately empowering me to respond differently and more beneficially to everyone . My goal is to cast light on the interconnectedness of well-being as an individual , a physician and a physician leader , and to point towards the need for us all to appreciate this truth and the opportunity it presents for us all as we move forward together with our personal and professional growth in this evolving health care world .
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1 . Implicit bias in healthcare professionals : a systematic review ( nih . gov )
Dr . Sosnin is a primary care physician practicing with ProactiveMD , Greater Clark County Schools .


The Little

Joys of Medicine

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