Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 9 - Page 35

appreciate the tenets of martial arts and the philosophy of that , so it was a really good fit .”
They also enjoy traveling as a family , especially back to Oregon each summer , and she and her husband previously traveled overseas each year . Every day she makes sure to get some kind of physical activity , training for one of the several half-marathons she ’ s run , or just a good walk . Due to the sedentary nature of outpatient psychiatry work , this is extremely important to her . When she needs to unwind , curling up with a good book or time with family are her go-tos .
A central theme in her life is time and space with people . She feels so grateful to have spent time with people that are kind and generous beyond measure , both in her upbringing and training and her current role .
“ I have been so fortunate in my life to share space with amazing
DR . WHO people . It is such a gift ,” she said . “ Recently , my father passed away . When we become a patient or watch a family member go through a struggle , we ’ re reminded of how important and critical the work is that people do . I ’ m so grateful and have so much gratitude for the people who cared for my father , the people that were gracious and talked to me as I tried to figure out what was going on . I have so much gratitude for the amazing medical community we have here . Each person is unique , they ’ re all human and I value their work . From the emergency room doctor , to the hospitalist , to the ICU doctor , to the nephrologist , to the ophthalmologist . I have a great deal of gratitude for them . I feel so grateful to have shared space with those people .”
Kathryn Vance is the Communication Specialist at the Greater Louisville Medical Society .
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