Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 8 - Page 33

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the move . There are days I feel like their energy is infinite .”
When they ’ re not at soccer practice or the park or a kid ’ s birthday party , they love to travel as a family . “ That ’ s something my wife and I loved to do before we had kids , but we think it ’ s even more important to do now to expose our kids to different cultures and different people . We try to do things that are a little bit off the beaten path . Before we had kids , we were a little more adventurous , doing things like camping in the Amazon . It ’ s a little tamer now with kids , but we still try to make it authentic .”
After just a little over a year in Louisville , they ’ re enjoying learning more about their new home and the culture that comes with it . Kimberly has settled in with a new career as a nursing instructor and is currently in graduate school through Harvard ’ s Graduate
School of Education .
“ We ’ ve really come to love it here , just in the short time we ’ ve been here . We ’ ve been surprised by how much we love it , it ’ s a hidden gem in the country ,” he said . “ I ’ m also really looking forward to building up a legit bourbon collection .”
Ding .
Then you ’ ve come to the right place : welcome to Louisville , Dr .
Kathryn Vance is the Communication Specialist at the Greater Louisville Medical Society .
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