Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 8 - Page 32

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And I can speak to it credibly because I ’ m still practicing medicine .”
He enjoys the blend of clinical and business-facing opportunities . “ Because I get to see health from various different perspectives - clinical , payer , business side - I feel like I have a better understanding of the various different levers I can pull on to make an impact on people ’ s health .”
He has also always been passionate about organized medicine . He ’ s served in leadership roles with the Massachusetts Medical Society , the California Medical Association and the American Medical Association . He is currently serving as the Chair of the AMA ’ s Council on Science and Public Health .
“ These organizations are great places to learn leadership skills ,
interact with policy makers and to give back to the clinical community . I also think it ’ s the best way to stick up for yourself . No one else is going to stick up for you or advocate for you better than you ,” he said . “ Given the many challenges we see in practice and health care today , you really need to be at the table , present and ready to show your value or else someone else will be at the table and speak up over you .”
He hopes to get more involved with local organized medicine as well as civic life locally and across the Commonwealth .
With the accomplishment of several notable degrees under his belt , still his greatest achievements are his family . He and Kimberly have two young boys , a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old . The two are very energetic , he says , and keep him on his toes . “ They ’ re constantly on