Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 5 - Page 9

AUTHOR Oladele Osisami




AUTHOR Oladele Osisami

“ physicians want to be part of leadership in a health care organization , they need to have an understanding beyond what they learned in medical school ,” wrote Ed Hellman , MD in a Fierce Healthcare newsletter discussing a new American Medical Association objective . Dr . Hellman is an orthopedic surgeon who later got an MBA , realizing he needed education in the business of health care . This sentiment is shared by a growing number of physicians who are following suit and earning MBAs . Due to this apparent learning deficit , the AMA has pushed medical schools to integrate training in health economics into their curricula . While many schools have adopted incorporating bits of business into undergraduate medical education , the University of Louisville School of Medicine ( ULSOM ) has gone above and beyond with the creation of a specialized program , the Distinction in Business and Leadership Track . I , as a member of this program , am a testament to its value .

Led by the Associate Program Director of the MD-MBA Program , Dr . In Kim , the Distinction in Business and Leadership ( DIBL ) Track offers formal business training at the medical student level to equip graduates for the business challenges they may face in the future . Upon acceptance and entry into the DIBL Track as a firstyear medical student , participants work with an online curriculum known as Beyond the Exam Room . The initial modules such as “ Starting a Practice ,” “ Maintaining a Practice ” and “ Generating Revenue ” lay the foundation for ongoing learning and help medical students to study topics that many doctors remain unaware of even after years of practicing .
A personal capstone project is another essential part of the DIBL Track . Early in sophomore year , you are tasked with finding your project ’ s topic . This topic must be related to the business of health care , for instance , clinical efficiencies , revenue growth and cost reduction . This project requires the student to work in research alongside their chosen faculty mentors , and also provides the opportunity for presentations and possibly publications . After two years of development and data collection , your senior year is focused on data analysis and various presentations .
Lectures and guest speakers are also a great resource for us . The lectures often cover hot topics in the business of health care such as reimbursement and the increase in use of telemedicine . We have had a number of notable guest speakers engage with our program .
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