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AUTHOR Kathryn Vance
tion , is resilient , takes intelligent risks , has the ability to cause others to see where they are going , are expert organizers in putting together processes , functions , and operations that help them reach the new vision .
4 . Introspective . Leaders need introspection - needs time for looking inward – to consider who they are , what they value , what motivates them – to build their self-awareness . Introspection or examination of personal values , meaning and purpose creates clarity .
5 . Vigilant . Wharton Executive Education team states that “ In vigilant companies , leadership attention is leveraged for greater agility and advantage , whereas in vulnerable companies , misdirected attention creates blind spots , myopia and delayed reactions . The challenge for leaders is to deal appropriately with vast amounts of “ regular ” information while strengthening the ability to pay attention .”
6 . Tactical . Being tactical means being productive and more efficient and having relentless focus on getting things done . Significant attention is given to what needs to get done and then accomplishments are celebrated to produce a tactical advantage .
7 . Knowledgeable . Being knowledgeable and knowing how to manage knowledge is important . Across industries , individuals and organizations have a competitive advantage if knowledge and information are disseminated and utilized effectively .
Physician wellness and physician leadership are connected . The better we care for and lead ourselves , the better we can lead the others we care about so much .
Your GLMS and GLMS Foundation teams are working diligently to put together programs and tools for physician wellness and leadership . Please watch for and participate in these opportunities . Please text “ Wellness ” to ( 833 ) 509-1891 to receive text alerts for more information on our upcoming events , programs and wellness life hacks . Note , standard text messaging rates apply .
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Dr . Brian Sosnin is a primary care physician practicing at Baptist Health LaGrange Family Medicine .


For the first time , the Kentucky Medical Association House of Delegates was held virtually , uniquely allowing physicians from across the state to meet throughout the month of August from the comfort of their own homes or offices . On August 29 , the House of Delegates met to discuss resolutions , provide passionate testimony , enact policy and elect new physicians for the KMA Board of Trustees . GLMS had a total of 68 Delegates this year .

GLMS Board Chair Dr . Monalisa Tailor was elected as KMA President- Elect , and Dr . SarahBeth Hartlage was then voted in to replace her as Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates .
The House of Delegates also chose Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the American Medical Association . Dr . John Roberts and Dr . Bruce Scott were named Delegates to the AMA and Dr . Mamata Majumndar and Dr . Suzanne McGee were named Alternate Delegates to the AMA .
GLMS submitted eight resolutions this year with the following topics :
1 .
Personal Protective Equipment
2 .
Lung Cancer Prevention by Creating a Research Trust &
Raising Excise Taxes
AUTHOR Kathryn Vance
3 .
Modifier 25
4 .
Prior Authorization Denials
5 .
Advocacy for All Health Plans to Provide Chronic Care
Management Services Without Co-pay for Their Insured
6 .
Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in the Commonwealth
of Kentucky
7 .
Healthcare for All
8 .
Soda Tax
The first seven resolutions were adopted with amendments and the Soda Tax resolution was referred to the Board of Trustees for action .
We thank all of our Delegate members who were able to be a part of this great month of advocacy and we appreciate the dedication to improving health care for patients and physicians in the Commonwealth . Next year ’ s Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 26-28 , 2022 .
Kathryn Vance is the Communication Specialist at the Greater Louisville Medical Society .
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