Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 5 - Page 10

( continued from page 7 ) One of my favorites was Dr . Tao Le , the creator of First Aid , the comprehensive book for high-yield USMLE content . If you are in the medical field , you are at least familiar with this book ; medical students have grown to accept First Aid as one of their best friends and consistent supporters . Hearing about this innovative creation from a man who grew up in Kentucky , not too far from Louisville , impressed and inspired us .
I chose to enter the DIBL track because it aligned well with my current interests and future aspirations . Through my tutoring service , Genesis Tutoring Company LLC , I currently offer academic coaching for high school and undergraduate students , thus acquiring some business knowledge that I wanted to expand . While applying for the DIBL Track , I was strongly considering enrolling in the dual MD-MBA program so I felt that this track would be a good segue into the program . Also , after completing residency , I plan to work in hospital administration before eventually running my own hospital . For these reasons , I knew the DIBL Track would be perfect for me .
Not only have I gained a greater depth of knowledge in regard to the business of health care , but I have grown in another vital aspect : leadership . The DIBL is intentional in its naming . Initially , I was more focused on the business side of this program ; however , I learned that the leadership component is just as important . Dr . Kim and the DIBL Track are very effective in bringing out the best in students and providing them with opportunities to become better leaders . Students are occasionally responsible for facilitating discussion for our lectures , with topics that focus developing leadership skills such as determining and assessing your management style . Dr . Kim has mentioned that one of the most important qualities he looks for in applicants is emotional intelligence . He feels that an emotionally intelligent person is a person who has the potential to be an effective leader and positive influence .
Perhaps the greatest example of the leadership focus in the DIBL
Track is our Social Justice Curriculum . During the various racial injustices witnessed during 2020 , Dr . Kim encouraged social justice and equity topics to become an integral part of the program . I was responsible for creating this curriculum , recruiting a multidisciplinary team to help . The Social Justice Curriculum focuses on concepts that are translatable into changing the culture of your practice or business , coming up with ways to make meaningful improvements . We discussed advocating for those with marginalized identities and creating spaces for them to influence the direction of the business . With increasing awareness of social injustice , companies are actively integrating this into branding , management and overall work culture . At the beginning of the Social Justice Curriculum , I made sure to state that these topics may be uncomfortable and that it is okay to be uncomfortable . I actually encourage this discomfort ; as we all know , growth does not happen in comfortable situations . Through these tough conversations , we have fostered a greater sense of community and acceptance in our program and increased the cultural competencies of our members .
The Distinction in Business and Leadership Track is an excellent example of how the ULSOM is fulfilling a need in the undergraduate medical community . Through this program , medical students are not only more equipped to tackle the business aspect of health care but are also empowered to be the next generation of leaders that change health care and their communities for the better .
Reference :
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Oladele ‘ Dele ’ Osisami is a fourth-year MD / MBA student at the University of Louisville School of Medicine / School of Business . He plans on going into emergency medicine as his specialty and using his MBA to become a leader in the business of health care and eventually run his own hospital .
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