Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 2 - Page 39

amazing because you get to see so many different acts in one place . I hope she ’ ll think I am cool enough to go to another one soon .”
In the same vein , he loves to dance , whether it ’ s a family wedding and choreographed performance or a late-night kitchen dance party , he and his daughters can be found tearing up the dance floor for hours .
When he ’ s not feeling the music , he loves to travel with his family , visiting Spain , many parts of Europe and the world . They always enjoy visiting India each year to see both Dr . Singh ’ s and Shagun ’ s families . But during the pandemic , they have traveled back several times , trying to help ease the devastation COVID-19 has wrought . Dr . Singh has worked closely with the American Association of Physicians from India ( he was the President of the local chapter , KIAPI ) to get supplies to his home country .
“ We ’ ve tried to help them with things like oxygen concentrators and so on . It ’ s been very disheartening . India has a lot of talent and a lot of positive things . Every family has been touched by COVID-19 in some way . We tried to do whatever we could to give back to the country .”
He says that in this chapter of his life , he wants to do more to thank the country and community that he immigrated to , saying he has plans in the works to help with free clinics in the West End of Louisville . He also wants to continue to improve conditions in his home country , working with cardiologists in India to figure out how to improve cardiovascular care for communities not properly served by the government .
Giving back is something that is ingrained in Dr . Singh ’ s very being . His basic goal in health care is to do the best he can every single day .
He lives by one concept he ’ s been telling his daughters about since they were young :
“ Karma : do the best you can and good will come to you .”
Kathryn Vance is the Communication Specialist at the Greater Louisville Medical Society .
JULY 2021 37