Louisville Medicine Volume 69, Issue 2 - Page 33



On May 11 , the CATO Seniors group heard from Mr . John Boel , co-anchor of the 6:00 p . m . and 11:00 p . m . news on local NBC affiliate , WAVE3 . He is an author and Ironman athlete and has won 95 Emmy Awards and 13 Edward R . Murrow Awards .

He walked us through a day in the life of an investigative reporter , with the challenges he runs into when covering stories . When investigating , there are three types of stories he uses : data driven , hidden camera and surveillance . “ In all of these undercover operations ,” he said , no matter what the topic , “ it ’ s important that I go in with an open mind and without bias . I have no agenda . I go where the story takes me .”
All such reporting , whether open or under the radar , carries potential danger . One could make an enemy or lose a friendly contact , walk into a volatile situation , or get uncomfortably close to violent crime . Many of his stories focus on drug houses , gangs and other illegal operations , so he is rarely greeted with smiling faces . He stressed the importance of being smart and not taking chances when it comes to safety . In addition to the threat of being “ found out ” while undercover , getting the scoop can be exhausting , with tiresomely long and hot days trapped in a news van or unmarked car .
While there is great risk in getting to the bottom of these stories , Mr . Boel sees it as his duty to let the people of Louisville know what is going on in their community , often right under their noses .
Navy veteran , shared “ The True Story of John Wilkes Booth .” In January 2019 Dr . Arnold ’ s book on this , The Conspiracy Between John Wilkes Booth and the Union Army to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln was published . This historical lesson was a fascinating way to hear a perspective differing from what we ’ ve all read in history books .
According to Dr . Arnold , Booth had inside help to aid him in completing the shooting of President Lincoln . Before entering the theatre , he enlisted Henry Ford to set up strategic seating . Booth would have a clear shot to Lincoln through the adjoining box , where Major Henry Rathbone sat . However , Lincoln was leaning over the railing looking at something in the audience below , blocking the shot .
Adjusting to the new angle , Booth entered the Presidential box and took his shot , barely grazing the back of Mary Lincoln ’ s head . After Mary pulled Lincoln back from the railing so that he would not fall , Booth escaped . Major Joseph Stewart covered his path , ensuring that he would not be caught , and he disappeared into the night .
The CATO Seniors group will be taking a break for summer , but will resume meetings on Tuesday , September 14 at 12 p . m . These meetings are open to all GLMS members - we look forward to seeing you there !
Kathryn Vance is the Communication Specialist at the Greater Louisville Medical Society .
“ I try to figure out what people want to know about . Sometimes I get tips and sometimes we come upon stories organically . I always try to ask the questions that people want to know and then bring them value beyond just the content .”
On June 8 , Dr . Robert Arnold , retired general surgeon and US
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