Louisville Medicine Volume 68, Issue 9 - Page 6


My cousin who lives in Cincinnati frantically sent me Misinformation has made us distrust public servants , civil servants , research scientists and health care workers . Instead of talking messages in the summer about the physicians who had shown up on Capitol Hill to state COVID-19 was to us about COVID-19 , it ’ s easier to watch Plandemic . Rather than a hoax . I attempted to correct him , but he continued listening to the data about the increasing number of cases , it ’ s easier to ask , “ Is this true ?!” Three months later , his fatherin-law was suffering from COVID-19 in India and believe the nurse on YouTube who says it is not safe . After all , you

to stick with the hoax theory . Instead of getting the vaccine , just spent weeks in the hospital on the ventilator . Thankfully , he survived and was able to make it home . haven ’ t gotten sick yet …
The constant attack on facts makes our uphill climb with patients
Not everyone is so lucky . In January , a family friend lost his a bit steeper , and where do we go from here ? How can we calm this 92-year-old patriarch from COVID-19 . After nine months of denial cataclysm ? Part of the strategy is listening , being tolerant to hear out by his son that COVID-19 was real and after festive family gatherings for Diwali , Thanksgiving and Christmas , they lost the senior evidence-based information to help patients be more informed . We
their concerns about the virus and vaccines . We can help provide member of their family due to this illness . can educate them about good medical websites for their research .
The devices in our pockets can help us connect and research But most importantly , can we ignite their curiosity to find facts more information than we ever thought possible . Who created the and to research their views to get a broader spectrum of accurate smallpox vaccine ? Who was that actor in Saving Private Ryan ? What information ? Maybe it ’ s wishful thinking on my part , but for the would be the best treatment for diabetes ? We have all of this at our sake of our public health , we need that .
fingertips . Despite readily available ways to fact check and reference Dr . Tailor is the Executive Medical Director , Primary Care for Norton Medical Group . resources , we have managed to become a society wallowing in misinformation , lies and hoaxes . In some cases , the truth is inconvenient and unpleasant , so this misinformation becomes easy and palatable . Wearing masks and staying home are also inconvenient and restrictive . When it comes to COVID-19 , the misinformation campaign has made this virus hard for the public to take seriously . The video on YouTube becomes more believable than the almost 400,000 dead .
This propagation of misinformation and political lies culminated in a riot on the Capitol Grounds . This defamation of the symbolic living monument to our democracy is the lethal pinnacle of the ongoing misinformation campaign .