Louisville Medicine Volume 67, Issue 9 - Page 34

DR. WHO Chris says that it is extremely important to their marriage to make sure that they take time for each other and for themselves. “Just try to balance,” he said. “It’s not all about work and surgery numbers. You’ve been that way for six or seven years and you can finally pull back a little bit and realize that this was what I was working for all this time. I don’t have to work 80 hours a week to be happy.” (continued from page 31) excited to see them, making it so much sweeter to come home every day. “When you get home from work, they both come running to you, or they hide and I’m supposed to find them, which is fun,” he said. “They’re at a very loving age; they haven’t started brooding yet.” So, did any of their medical training help prepare them for lives as parents? Yes and no. “For medical issues, we have done very well. But actual parenting, I didn’t have any preparation,” Sonia said. “Now crisis—we are both very good at crisis. Bleeding, we can handle. But emotional parenting, I don’t think we had any preparation for that.” After all this time and effort, both agreed that it is helpful to be married to another physician. “Even though we have very different stories, it is nice that we can relate to each other on a professional level,” Chris said, noting that he “can understand in a different way what it’s like to have seen 30+ patients in the ICU in a day.” Sonia agreed, but “I think it’s best that we are in different fields - I think it’s good. If we were in the exact same specialty, we might have comments on each other and it’s better that we don’t. I think what we have is perfect.” Kathryn Vance is the communication specialist for the Greater Louisville Medical Society. Now that they are married with children and fully qualified, ADVERTISERS’ INDEX Family Allergy & Asthma 6 familyallergy.com GLMS Foundation NortonHealthcareProviders.com/Referral 32 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE 17 www.passporthealthplan.com 1 www.glms.org/foundation Norton Children's Heart Institute Passport Health Plan PMC Regional Hospital 2 PMCindiana.com IFC The Pain Institute www.thepaininstitute.com OBC