Louisville Medicine Volume 67, Issue 9 - Page 10

RESTAURANT REVIEW RESTAURANT REVIEW: DISTRICT 6 S Reviewed by Jonathan Hodes, MD t. Matthews has been the understat- ed neighborhood where you go for dry cleaning, gas, the ATM, coffee or on your way elsewhere. Not typ- ically known for gastronomical in- novation, it is the origin of Namnam Café, Tony Boombozz, Majid’s and has some excellent medium-price-range local eateries such as Havana Rumba, Sakura Blue and Wild Eggs. The recently-opened District 6 on Shelbyville Road, near Plehn’s Bakery, is the newest contender. Serving updated Vietnamese dishes with fresh ingredients as well as classic and curiously inspired cocktails, it’s a welcome addition. The renovated space sports colorful paper lanterns and conical leaf hats on the walls with moody lighting, and its blues and greens invoke calm. The dark wood tables and comfortable chairs create 8 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE a nice vibe, neither plush nor spare, with tables far enough apart for private conversation. The bar for our December visit was be- decked with festive sparkling string lights; these were absent, but not missed, later in January. The bar menu includes some delightful new cocktails along with classics. The adventuresome among us sampled a Black Thai Affair, with chai and lemon balancing the soju – a Korean take on sweet potato vodka; The Jungle Bird, a lovely Tiki-style rum-based drink with a rinse of absinthe, some Campari and pineapple; and a Cobra’s Fang, a bourbon-based, ginger syrup-infused and jala- peno-kicked drink with a little red wine float (sounds odd, but it really works!). Others were very satisfied with their classic Old Fashioneds. I also had a surprisingly delicious tea, from a tea bag, which I was informed was an oolong Taiwanese high mountain tea. The menu also offers a selection of white and red wines, by the glass and bottle, as well as beer. We began with a selection of small plates and shareables in-