Louisville Medicine Volume 67, Issue 10 | Page 5

GLMS BOARD OF GOVERNORS Wayne Tuckson, MD, BOARD CHAIR Frank Burns, MD, PRESIDENT & KMA SECRETARY/TREASURER Monalisa Tailor, MD, PRESIDENT-ELECT & KMA VICE SPEAKER Brian Sosnin, DO, VICE PRESIDENT Patricia Purcell, MD, TREASURER Valerie Briones-Pryor, MD, SECRETARY Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, AT-LARGE Thomas Higgins, Jr., MD, AT-LARGE R. Todd Hockenbury, MD, AT-LARGE Christopher Jones, MD, AT-LARGE Rishi Kumar, MD, AT-LARGE Melissa Platt, MD, AT-LARGE Bruce Scott, MD, AMA VICE SPEAKER & DELEGATE John Roberts, MD, KMA TRUSTEE & AMA ALTERNATE DELEGATES Suzanne McGee, MD, AMA ALTERNATE DELEGATE Eric Lydon, MD, KMA ALT. TRUSTEE K. Thomas Reichard, MD, PRESIDENT, GLMS FOUNDATION Sarah Moyer, MD, MPH, DIRECTOR, DEPT. OF PUBLIC HEALTH & WELLNESS Toni M. Ganzel, MD, MBA, DEAN, UOFL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Lewis Hargett, MD, PRESIDENT, FALLS CITY MEDICAL SOCIETY Charles Oberst, MD, SENIOR PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE CHAIR Karyn Hascal, PRESIDENT, THE HEALING PLACE Debi McDonald, ALLIANCE PRESIDENT LOUISVILLE MEDICINE EDITORIAL BOARD Mary G. Barry, MD EDITOR Elizabeth A. Amin, MD Stanley A. Gall, MD Larry P. Griffin, MD Jonathan E. Hodes, MD, MS Martin Huecker, MD Thomas James, III, MD John David Kolter, MD Teresita Bacani-Oropilla, MD M. Saleem Seyal, MD Dave Langdon, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness Wayne Tuckson, MD, board chair Frank Burns, MD, president Monalisa Tailor, MD, president-elect Bert Guinn, MBA, CAE, executive vice president/CEO Amanda Edmondson, director of communications & marketing Kathryn Vance, communication specialist Kate Williams, communication designer Onvia McDaniel, administration specialist II ADVERTISING Amanda Edmondson, dir. of communications & marketing 736.6330, [email protected] LOUISVILLE MEDICINE is published monthly by the Greater Louisville Medical Society, 328 E. Main St. Louisville, Ky. 40202 (502) 589-2001 www.glms.org. Articles to be submitted for publication in LM must be received on electronic file on the first day of the month, two months preceding publication. Opinions expressed herein are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. LM reminds readers this is not a peer reviewed scientific journal. LM reserves the right to make the final decision on all content and advertisements. Circulation: 4,000 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Linkedin, Flickr & Instagram Non-members may be co-authors of Louisville Medicine articles, but GLMS does not include headshots of non-members. Non-Physician GLMS Board Members who write articles will have a photo. IN THIS ISSUE FEATURES 6  THE GOLDEN AGE | David Seligson, MD 10  IN REMEMBRANCE: DR. JAMES CHILDERS | Charles Oberst, MD INTERSECTION OF DESIGN & MEDICINE 13 PREFACE | John David Kolter, MD 14 THE VITRUVIAN MAN | John David Kolter, MD 15 A COAT OF A DIFFERENT COLOR | Marian Morris, MD 16 THE DESIGN OF WELL-BEING | Ali Farooqui, MD 18  CONSIDERATIONS WHEN DESIGNING MEDICAL OFFICES FOR PATIENTS WITH DISABILITIES | Megan B. Nelson, MD & Camilo Castillo, MD 20  COMMUNITY DESIGN | Monalisa Tailor, MD & Paul Sirek, AIA, NCARB 22 URBAN DESIGN AND TRANSPORTATION | John David Kolter, MD DEPARTMENTS 4  ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE | Frank Burns, MD 8  REFLECTIONS: IN A THOUSAND YEARS OR SO | Teresita Bacani-Oropilla, MD 11 24 27 30 GLMS ALLIANCE NEWS | Debi McDonald PHYSICIANS IN PRINT WE WELCOME YOU DOCTORS’ LOUNGE TAXING TOBACCO TALES | Mary G. Barry, MD THE FINANCIAL CASE FOR SINGLE-PAYOR | Michael Flynn, MD UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE HOSPITAL: THE GOOD SAMARITAN FOR ALL KENTUCKY | Gordon R. Tobin, MD 34  DR. WHO - DR. J. TIM BURGER | Kathryn Vance MARCH 2020 3