Louisville Medicine Volume 67, Issue 10 | Page 23

INTERSECTION OF DESIGN & MEDICINE additional design inspiration centered around transformation, journey, peace, healing and recovery. The path that connects the site weaves through center courtyards of community, areas of solitude, areas of interaction, fellowship, learning, self-discovery and areas of reflection. The design recognizes the journey to recovery through healing to transformation. The hope would be that the inherent loneliness that comes with homelessness is lessened at Camp Restoration by building a community around shared experiences of serving in the military. QUESTION: WHAT HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS DO YOU TAKE INTO PLACE WHEN DESIGNING A LOCATION LIKE THIS? PAUL: Natural light and ventilation are key to making these spaces healthy for the veterans occupying them. We specify materials that are inherently inert and avoid products with preservatives and volatile organic compounds. Additionally, we always design with sustain- ability in mind and try to minimize the impact of the built project on Mother Earth. QUESTION: HOW MANY VETERANS WILL BE HOUSED IN THIS SPACE? PAUL: There are 25 homes - 22 individual homes and three family will stay onsite for a minimum of one year. QUESTION: WOULD INPUT FROM PHYSICIANS/HEALTH CARE WORKERS BE USEFUL WHEN DESIGNING A SPACE LIKE THIS ONE? PAUL: Absolutely - designing collaboratively with physicians and health care workers on a project of this type would bring added ex- perience and perspective to the project. This space in Shelbyville is still in progress, but its possibilities are incredible. In addition to the housing space, there will be a commu- nity and service center, a reflection pool and a meditative pathway to allow individuals a safe place to walk. These types of designs allow individuals to have a calm, relaxing space to live. We know from our social determinants of health that having a safe, relaxing space to live can help with an essential need for our patients. Our patients, particularly our veterans, deserve that. Having lodging secured, they can better focus on their physical and mental health. Dr. Tailor is an internal medicine physician at Norton Community Medical Associates: Barret. She is the President-Elect for GLMS. homes as well as four additional spaces for on-site facilitators. Veterans MARCH 2020 21