Louisville Medicine Volume 66, Issue 2 - Page 33

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Shore J, Turvey C, Caudill RL, Yellowlees P, Mishkind M, Hilty DM, Krupinski E, Kaftarian E. Telepsychiatry Best Practices: Joint American Psychiatric Association and ATA Recommenda- tions. Abstracts from the American Telemedi- cine Association Twenty Fifth Annual Interna- tional Meeting and Exposition. Telemedicine and e-Health. Apr 2018. Vol. 24 Iss. 4. NOTE: GLMS members’ names appear in boldface type. Most of the references have been obtained through the use of a MEDLINE computer search which is provided by Nor- ton Healthcare Medical Library. If you have a recent reference that did not appear and would like to have it published in our next issue, please send it to Aaron Burch by fax (502-581-9022) or email ([email protected] org). Wang Y, Koenig SC, Wu Z, Slaughter MS, Gi- JULY 2018 31