Louisville Medicine Volume 66, Issue 2 | Page 8

EVENTS Dr. Tuckson addresses a crowd of physicians and family at the Louisville Central Community Center. PRESIDENTS' Celebration 2018 This year’s GLMS Presidents’ Celebration was a special one. Surround- ed by family, friends and colleagues, Dr. Wayne Tuckson assumed the presidency of GLMS and become the first African-American ever elected to the position. In the beautiful Louisville Central Community Center, Dr. Tuckson considered the city’s often tenuous relationship to Afri- can-American physicians and nurses with an eye towards the more inclusive future. “I believe that my being president is special, but not because of any particular achievements or notoriety on my part. Rather, this honor represents a recognition and validation of the contributions of the African-American physicians of Jefferson County to maintain the health and wellness of our community,” Dr. Tuckson said. The Presidents’ Celebration is also where GLMS announces the winners of our Richard Spear, MD, Memorial Essay Contest. This year’s topic was “What Have You Sacrificed to Become a Physician?” and there were many fantastic essays submitted. The winner of the Practicing/ Life Physician Category was Dr. Suzanne McGee for her essay “Back Scratches, Cornbread and Unspent Love: Sacrifices I Made to Become a Good Doctor.” The winner of the In-Training/Student Category was April Butler for her essay “March Flowers in February.” Congratulations to both winners! The essays are published in this edition of Louisville Medicine on pages 14 and 16. Our 2018-2019 GLMS Officers: Vice-President Monalisa Tailor, MD, Board Chair Rob Zaring, MD, MMM, MSHI, President-Elect Frank Burns, MD, President Wayne Tuckson, MD, Treasurer Brian Sosnin, DO, and Secretary Valerie Briones-Pryor, MD. 6 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE