Louisville Medicine Volume 66, Issue 2 | Page 42

BUSINESS CARD Gallery ADVERTISERS’ Index GLMS Alliance Brenda Wallace, CPA, CMPE 18 www.glms.org 800.880.7800 ext. 1347 [email protected] Harding Shymanski & Co PSC 18, 40 www.hsccpa.com Hollie Colwick Photography 18 www.holliecolwick.com Norton Healthcare norton healthcareprovider.com/referral Louisville, KY • Evansville, IN www.hsccpa.com NTS A subsidiary of Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C. 1 www.ntsdevelopment.com/ Passport Health Plan 22 www.passporthealthplan.com The Pain Institute OBC www.thepaininstitute.com Tristate Home Solutions 2 www.DavidThomasMD.HighReturnRate.com U.S. Army IBC healthcare.goarmy.com/kk89 (continued from page 39) more people to get involved, that would mean a lot.” It’s been 38 years since Dr. Weeks walked through the front doors of medical school, and about 56 since he told his mother that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. That five-year-old Jonathan Weeks was full of foresight, and he’s made a dif- ference in the lives of many, always remembering his mother’s belief in dignity for all: the tiny new people he helps bring into the world, and their mothers who may have myriad medi- cal problems, including addiction. Aaron Burch is the communications specialist for the Greater Louisville Medical Society. 40 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE Brenda and Jonathan Weeks at Table Mountain in Chattanooga, Tn. Dr. Weeks with his mother-in-law (Lottie Murray), sister-in-law (Bridgette Murray), wife (Brenda) and sons (Lawrence & Dexter) at the Muhammad Ali Center.